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Al Fardous Marble Company offers its clients the best types of marble in Egypt and we can also export our products to all parts of the world. We have only the finest and finest types of marble, granite and natural stone in Al Firdous Marble Company. Al Firdous Marble Company has more than 15 years of experience in the manufacture of marble, granite and natural stone.

What We Do


El Fardous Company has 15 years of experience in manufacturing marble and granite. We also have machines specialized in cutting different sizes of projects

Supply and export

We supply our products in marble and granite and also export them outside Egypt to all parts of the world

Best price

El Fardous Marble is the best in all its products and always in competition

Multiple choices

El Fardous Marble Company gives you a choice from our rich nature with more than 30 types of marble, granite, natural stone and composite materials with special quality levels

Egyptian Marble

Egyptian granite

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