About Us

Al Firdous Marble Company offers its clients the best types of marble in Egypt and we can also export our products to all parts of the world. We have only the finest and finest types of marble, granite and natural stone in Al Firdous Marble Company. Al Firdous Marble Company has more than 15 years of experience in the manufacture of marble, granite and natural stone. Al Firdous Marble Company is the main supplier for many commercial, residential and national projects. We have a reliable reputation for importing, exporting and distributing of high quality stones.
We also have machines specialized in cutting different sizes of projects at the request of engineers, architects and designers. Al Firdous Marble is the best in all its products and always in competition. Al Firdous Marble Company gives you a choice from our rich nature with more than 30 types of marble, granite, natural stone and composite materials of special quality levels such as (Galala, Trieste, Silvia, Sany, Samaha, Mel Jerry, Vleto, ‘Farna, Perlato, Khatima, Catherine, … ..) And all kinds of Egyptian marble and granite.
We are Al-Firdous Marble Company. We have the ability to satisfy all our customers’ desires in different forms of marble and granite (blocks, slabs, tiles, stairs and parts of different sizes) according to international specifications with different finishes such as (polished, u-mount, polished, half-gloss, burnt, hammered , Embossed, accented. And all other types of finishes). Al Firdous Marble Company provides the best services it deserves, through a qualified team of professionals with long experience in exporting stone to different countries all over the world. We are Al Firdous Marble Company We are performing smooth logistics procedures for our clients, excellent and flexible service and the only way to know the difference is to deal with Al Firdous Marble Company.