Marble types


Man has known marble stone for hundreds of years where he worked on using it to decorate and decorate palaces, temples of churches, mosques and many other luxurious buildings and castles, because of its beautiful and shiny colors that give a unique aesthetic appearance in the places where they are placed, and given the increasing demand for the use of Marble throughout the ages and the necessity of its presence in every home. The work of man on the development of marble industries to include several types and shapes more quality than its predecessor, which makes it last for a longer period when used without breaking or crashing, and the types of marble can be listed below.

Marble types

1 – Natural marble

Natural marble is formed in the form of crystalline stones due to a number of natural factors that occur in the internal layers of the earth from high temperature and soil pressure and many others, which collectively work to form a marble stone in different colors and shapes and with varying degrees of hardness, which helped to form several types of natural marble with qualities Different for human use, and these types: Calcite marble, which contains low levels of magnesium carbonate, which is less than 5% of the total components. Dolmiti marble, it is characterized by its high levels of magnesium carbonate, which vary between 5% to 40% of the composition of marble, according to the nature of the areas in it. Agate marble, which is characterized by containing solid calcium carbonate, which was formed as a result of the gradual accumulation of cold solutions passing through small rivers. This marble is characterized by its transparent yellow, brown and green colors, and is often found in nature in layers. Live stone marble, also known as aqueous magnesium silicate marble, is dominated by serpentine mineral composition. Green veins marble, which is characterized by its high levels of clumping serpentine metal, which is easy to polish and form without breaking or fading.

2 – Industrial marble

Acrylic manufactured marble is one of the best types of artificial marble and is most used in kitchens, floors, travel travel, laundries and bathrooms, as it is known to be environmentally friendly, and is often made of resin, aluminum powder, and industrial dyes to add a variety of colors to it. Marble manufactured from polyester, this type of industrial marble is second in terms of quality after acrylic marble, due to its easy protection when exposed to direct strikes, in addition to the strong smell emitted from it. Marble made from sodium carbonate, is one of the lowest quality synthetic marble and is not recommended for easy cracking. This type of marble is often made in China at a low cost of lime and white sand.

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